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Exciting New Years Resolutions....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018   /   by Jan Szybalski

Exciting New Years Resolutions....

Exciting New Year’s Resolution…

As a fellow Lover of Holiday Time, I wanted to write you this personal letter and share with you some exciting news for the New Year.

It seems most people establish New Year’s resolutions, but for whatever reason they fall short of keeping them.  Each year I highlight a great book that helped me and my team dramatically improve our follow through on achieving important goals and I wanted to share that with you – as sort of a Happy New Year After Christmas Gift; more on the book in a moment.

Some of your friends, neighbours, associates or relatives may have a New Year’s  resolution to make a move.  Well - we can help them with that, help you and help the families at the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. 

For the month of January, anyone you know wanting to sell their house, I will
 guarantee the sale of their home for 100% of Market Value or I’ll Pay the Difference.*  

They Outline the goals, I agree to deliver, if I don’t, I pay the penalty.  Who do you know considering Selling their home that would benefit from that kind of peace of mind?

Just let me know and we’ll give them a call!

 AND REMEMBER… YOUR referrals help Families

Just like last year, we are on a mission to raise $10,000 for the Royal LePage Shelter        Foundation. We do this by donating a portion of our income from homes we sell.   As you know the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation does great work in helping families regain their lives and escape violent and abusive domestic situations.

BUT, The RLP relies on Sponsorships and Donations to provide their compassionate and impactful level of care.  

The book I mentioned is Focus by Al Reis and it is wonderful at improving goal setting, these principles are not only valuable in business, but transferable to our everyday personal lives.


To refer your friends, neighbours, associates or family members simply fill out the form, or you can call me direct at 416-272-6363, as well.

Click Here to Refer a Friend

With all my appreciation.


Jan Szybalski, Broker